Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Thank you to our sponsors

Kia Ora bloggers,

This is just a slideshow about the cat door company. Have a nice time reading about the astonishing company and what they did to this school.

Have you ever heard of SureFlap? They are an innovative company that make cat doors and other products. Please look through the slideshow to see how they have supported our school.

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Enrichment Activity

Kia Ora bloggers, 

If you read my previous blog post about the zoo you will notice that the workers have to make sure they really take care of how much fun an animal is having. Something the workers can do is make an enrichment toy, it helps the animals get the skills they need for the future. 

Here is a document that I have put a lot of work into. I designed the enrichment toy using TinkerCad and used a google drawing to explain how the enrichment toy works. One thing I found challenging was to create a great enrichment toy for the Kea. I had a hard time finding out which idea would be best. The Kea is very smart, they are very smart so they might always find out how to do the task easily. I wanted to make sure the task was challenging and hard to do the Kea won't get bored.

My next learning step would be to make a prototype of my enrichment task and test it to see if it is a good task for Keas.