Friday, 21 October 2016

Reflection about quality blog posts

Hello bloggers,

Here is a screencastify about how to write a quality blog post. A quality blog post is a blog post that has very few mistakes and keeps the reader engaged (engaged means they are interested). It is great to make sure your blog post makes sense, has proper punctuation and talks about your learning. Sometimes it is good to have step by step instructions, that tell the reader how you did your learning. You can see an example of this in my screencastify as well.

Since my screencastify is digital it means that you can go back and watch it again if you missed anything. One thing I found challenging while making this screencastify was making sure it had a variety of ideas and was satisfying to watch.

I hope you learn a lot of new things and now know how to write a quality blog post. Feel free to comment on my blog post if you have questions or some feedback.

Thank you for reading!
Gargee :)

Thursday, 20 October 2016

School Cross Country 2016

Hello bloggers,

Today was our school cross country, juniors and seniors. We did it after morning tea, we walked to Keith Hay park, where we practiced cross country, and then we had to sit down in front of our class number cone, (it is a cone that has a number that represents each class). After that Hay Park school was ready, the juniors went first. Rm 5 lined up right behind the line that was already prepared, once they heard the wooden clapper hit, they ran as fast as their legs could go.