Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Kia Ora blogging world,

In class we have been learning about Matariki and why we celebrate it. We celebrate it because it represents the Maori new year.

Here is a video about some things of Matariki:

We also read 2 books about Matariki and made a google presentation of what we learned from the books. 

Hope you enjoyed, bye!

Monday, 26 June 2017

WALT: create a piece of art that shows examples of symmetry, reflection and rotation.

Kia Ora blogging world, 

Last week we did some awesome art related to geometry. We created a beautiful creation using one certain fold called a kite fold, (it is called a kite fold because it looks like a kite). There was one rule to making the art though, you had to have 3 geometric movements, symmetry, rotation and reflection. Symmetry is where if you cut something in half and both sided look identical. Rotation is if you have a piece, if you turn it, it will be a rotation of that other shape. Reflection is if you have a shape, it is like a mirror and there is another shape. 

Here is a screencastify of the three geometric movements: