Friday, 2 September 2016

Enrichment Activity

Kia Ora bloggers, 

If you read my previous blog post about the zoo you will notice that the workers have to make sure they really take care of how much fun an animal is having. Something the workers can do is make an enrichment toy, it helps the animals get the skills they need for the future. 

Here is a document that I have put a lot of work into. I designed the enrichment toy using TinkerCad and used a google drawing to explain how the enrichment toy works. One thing I found challenging was to create a great enrichment toy for the Kea. I had a hard time finding out which idea would be best. The Kea is very smart, they are very smart so they might always find out how to do the task easily. I wanted to make sure the task was challenging and hard to do the Kea won't get bored.

My next learning step would be to make a prototype of my enrichment task and test it to see if it is a good task for Keas.


  1. Hello Princess,
    You are doing a great job! Keep it up.

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  4. Namaste Gargee,

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    Cioa Gargee

  5. Kia ora Gargeej
    So Room 7 have just finished watching your video about a quality blog post, and we enjoyed it! I really love how you used the information you know about keas, like how smart they are, to make an enrichment toy. You really thought about how keas would react because most keas sometimes think that we are harming it. But do keas love fruit, maybe try to add food they're attracted to. If you'd like you could visit my blog at for some feedback.
    Ka Kite Ano

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  7. Hey there Gargee,
    I have just finished watching your astonishing video about quality blog post explaining about the zoo!Me and my friends have really loved the way you explained this out clearly and how you put information about what you used to do this and what your next learning step is,the next thing I want to know is what types of animals is Keas enimies with also if you want to give feedback just feel free and type up