Friday, 27 November 2015

Athletics (Water Relays)

On Thursday I learned how to play water relays.  You have to pick up the cup from the outside of the bucket and run to take water from the other bucket then go to the end of the line.  Now you have to give the cup to the person in front of you and when it gets to the first person in line then the person tips the water in the bucket in front of them then run and do it all over again.  I loved this game because everyone gets a turn to hold the cup and you can sometimes tip the water on someone else and it is very funny because you have to put the cup over and under, it was really wet.

I hope you have fun if you have this next year (for the juniors)


Monday, 16 November 2015

Quick Reflection

I have been learning about Hydro power because it is a type of renewable energy and we (humans) can use it so we can have a safe life instead of having to use fossil fuels and harm the environment.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Google Expeditions

Yesterday was google expeditions and we had so much fun. Google expeditions is when there is a box and inside is a smartphone, the smartphone is inside and tight. There are two lenses and when we put our eyes through the end and it puts the image together and it looks like a real image. The teacher can control all of the smartphones and she can pause the images and she can add any scene we or she wants. There is also a white arrow and you have to follow it until you see a white circle. Then the teacher talks about thee image that is inside the circle. My favorite scene was the cliffs because it looks real and you feel like you are going to fall. A very big thanks to Maru for letting us use all of the kits so we can look at different parts of the country. We had so much fun and one more thank for letting our class have a chance.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Swimming again for Week 5

Kia Ora everyone,

Today was my second swimming lesson and my coach taught me a new skill. I had to dip my face n the waqter and then I have to circle my arms and also I had to kick my feet so I could move. Did you know that first I was in the middle group then I was the best in my group that I moved to the advanced group. If you are a junior and you sign up for swimming, I hope you go in the high group.

Workshop Toolkit

Hello everyone
Yesterday, we had a Toolkit and I was a presenter, a toolkit is where students teach other students, I showed how to make their own site. It was cool because I was helping other people and they were nice to me! If we have another one then you might come and become a Presenter or a techxpert, a techxpert is a student who helps with the controlling the electronics.  If you go if there is another one, hope you enjoy. Also, here is a picture of me and my buddies PMI.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Swimmming Lessons

Kia Ora everyone, today O'Neill class went swimming at Cameron Pools and we had an awesome time. I learned how to swim with my face in the water and I learn't how to float on my stomach. My favorite part was when we went under water and held our breath for as long as we could. This is a video of me swimming, I LOVE CAMERON POOLS!! 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Did you know that a kenning is usually a 2 word phrase, but it describes another word. Yesterday we read some kennings and then we made a video of a kenning that the teacher told us to act. Here is a video of my group acting out the kenning, BIRD CREATOR. 
I hope you give me some feedback so I can make my work better.