Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Our Trip to Auckland Zoo

Hello bloggers,

On Monday, the first day of week 6 Morris and Setoga Class went to Auckland Zoo. It was quite a gloomy day, but all of our excitement made us forget the bad weather! As we looked at all of the astonishing animals, we were so excited that it felt like a short time at the zoo. We saw so many animals, including Meerkats, Elephants, (Anjalee and Brema) one Giraffe, and much much more. I was so happy that I feel like going back to the zoo and doing everything over and over again. My 3 favorite animals were the lion, cheetah, and Meerkats.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My Learning Conference

 Kia Ora bloggers,

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are our conference meetings. We are going to talk to our parents about how well we are doing in school and our next steps in reading, writing and maths. Here is the link to my conference slides. If you are lucky enough and explain your slides clearly and add more info that isn't in the slides, Miss Fortes had 3 yoyo's and she would give one of them to you.
If you would like to see a screencastify on how to embed a document to your blog, click here.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

KWVL Nutrition and Word Cloud

Kia Ora blogging world, 

Today my class and I were learning about nutrition and what we already know about it. Miss Fortes (my teacher) made a document that shows how much we know and how much we don't know. In the document we had to write what we know, what we want to learn, and vocabulary. We didn't really start learning about it, but we just wrote the things that we ALREADY know. After Miss Fortes made a google slides that shows our words. We went on ABCya and it took us to the word cloud, first we had to copy and paste our ideas into the word cloud. Now we press the button at the bottom and after a few seconds it brings the words you pasted in. After if you search for enough time you will find out that you can arrange the words in different ways. I made mine crazy and put them everywhere. You can also change the color and font. 

By the way, KWVL stands for : Knowledge, Want to know, Vocabulary, and Learned

Here is a link to my document

Here is a link to the google slides

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Hola bloogers,

Today I have been doing a filmstrip about the Kawa of Care. The Kawa of Care is taking care of your classroom and all of the digital things that are there. We have been making a filmstrip about our chromebook and how to walk with them. After we decided to make one of the boxes about chargers to make sure people also look after their charger, not just their chromebook.

I hope you enjoy :)
Kind Regards