Friday, 13 November 2015

Google Expeditions

Yesterday was google expeditions and we had so much fun. Google expeditions is when there is a box and inside is a smartphone, the smartphone is inside and tight. There are two lenses and when we put our eyes through the end and it puts the image together and it looks like a real image. The teacher can control all of the smartphones and she can pause the images and she can add any scene we or she wants. There is also a white arrow and you have to follow it until you see a white circle. Then the teacher talks about thee image that is inside the circle. My favorite scene was the cliffs because it looks real and you feel like you are going to fall. A very big thanks to Maru for letting us use all of the kits so we can look at different parts of the country. We had so much fun and one more thank for letting our class have a chance.

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