Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Our Trip to Auckland Zoo

Hello bloggers,

On Monday, the first day of week 6 Morris and Setoga Class went to Auckland Zoo. It was quite a gloomy day, but all of our excitement made us forget the bad weather! As we looked at all of the astonishing animals, we were so excited that it felt like a short time at the zoo. We saw so many animals, including Meerkats, Elephants, (Anjalee and Brema) one Giraffe, and much much more. I was so happy that I feel like going back to the zoo and doing everything over and over again. My 3 favorite animals were the lion, cheetah, and Meerkats.

Thank you for reading
Gargee :)


  1. kia ora Gargee I liked the way you made your own explanation about the Auckland zoo next time you could maby put some photos on it this reminds me of when I went to the Auckland zoo. Why did you go to the Auckland zoo From Stanley

    1. Hello Stanley,
      Thank you for asking such a descriptive question. The purpose of why we went to Auckland Zoo was because we were learning about animals in class. Our group names for reading also changed to animals! Was it fun for you at Auckland Zoo?

      Thank you again