Friday, 21 October 2016

Reflection about quality blog posts

Hello bloggers,

Here is a screencastify about how to write a quality blog post. A quality blog post is a blog post that has very few mistakes and keeps the reader engaged (engaged means they are interested). It is great to make sure your blog post makes sense, has proper punctuation and talks about your learning. Sometimes it is good to have step by step instructions, that tell the reader how you did your learning. You can see an example of this in my screencastify as well.

Since my screencastify is digital it means that you can go back and watch it again if you missed anything. One thing I found challenging while making this screencastify was making sure it had a variety of ideas and was satisfying to watch.

I hope you learn a lot of new things and now know how to write a quality blog post. Feel free to comment on my blog post if you have questions or some feedback.

Thank you for reading!
Gargee :)


  1. Hi Gargee

    Thank you again for sharing your learning about quality blog posts. I really enjoyed hearing you talk about the challenges you encountered during your tasks. This reflective thinking helps us identify our next steps and any areas for improvement. Keep up the great work.

    Miss Fortes

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  3. Kia ora Gargee,
    I am here to say how astonished I am with your writing at such a age.My classroom have just seen your video clip and it was fabulous.
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    1. kia ora Gargee,
      about my link that is the wrong one
      just type

  4. Namaste Gargee, It has been a a great pleasure to see and read your blog. I loved the way you have been sharing your awesome learning ideas about the quality blog post.It helps me during my learning in blogging.You have taught me how to use and how things work with digital tools.You have improved a lot for a year four. If you'd like to see my blog feel free to come and check out my blog.Keep up the AMAZING work you've been doing.

  5. Hi Gargee

    I have just watched and read your work about quality blog posting.
    it really helped me.I like how you said I quality blog post has vere few mistakes in it.

    and that is all

    alan ka kite

  6. Namaste Gargee:our class have been watching the video you made about quailty blog posting! and that is how we found your blog. i really liked your blog post about the quaity blog post. Why do I like your post? cause it can help me in my blog and it is really helpful to me and I loved the way you explain thing such as telling what you used.



  7. I have read your intelligently positive post about how to positively comment. I also saw your video about how to comment on another persons blog. I thought maybe I could comment on your post for a starter.I wondered how long did it take you to make the video,did you have to start over and over or did you just do it in one go?
    I just want to thank you for sending the world some knowledge of what you have learnt.

    Keep It Up!

    Tofa Gargee!

  8. Kia ora,
    I have watched your video about making a quality blog post, I also thought that was a lot of good information, I would like to use some of your good advice for the next time I post.

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  9. Aloha Gargee. My class and I have just finished watching your video about quality blog posting!
    I found it really helpful towards my own blog posting and it has made me think about my own blog.I couldn't believe that you're a year 4 and by what I've seen on this blog it looks like you have been doing a great job with your learning and your blogging.
    I hope you can put more of your amazing work and some more of your helpful tips.

    Your sincerely:Tahlia