Friday, 3 November 2017

Swimming: Our 4th lesson

Namaste blogging world, 

Yesterday was our 4th swimming lesson, we finally got to go in the deep pool. We first got changed into our togs then we got on some life jackets, the instructors also had to check if they fit properly. The life jackets were already wet, so they were freezing. Then slowly we got into the deep pool, it was cold indeed!

 Now we got a big float board and pretended that it was a boat. One half of the group went on first, and that included me! The other group made small waves by smashing the water. Our boat tipped over!! Once we got back on again, we shouted for help like we were stranded. It was the other groups turn, they did the same. 

Lastly, we got into partners, A & B. B would go in the pool and A would get a pool noodle and sit on the edge. B had to shout for help and A would hold the noodle but slide it until B could get a good grip. A pulled until B was at the bottom edge, then A would pull B to the top of the pool by the top of their life jackets. Once A finished, we swapped and A went in the water. 

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