Monday, 25 July 2016

My intoxicating holidays!

Kia Ora blogging world,

My holidays were exhilarating! I watched so much TV, I watched a person named Householdhacker and he taught me how to make the dents go away that could be left by your bed. You can use your iron and also a towel to take that annoying dent away. I also played tennis with my little brother, instead of using a ball we used as balloon. One more thing is in the holidays when it was July 17 and my big brother turned 14. Now my dad says that my big brother in an appropriate guardian for taking care of me, and my little brother when my mum and dad have gone somewhere.

Do you know how old my big brother turned on his birthday?
Who did I watch in the holidays?
What did I use to play tennis with my little brother?
What do you use to make the dents from your bed go away.

I hope you enjoy this first blog post in Term 3!

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