Monday, 21 May 2018

My Book Review

Kia Ora bloggers,

Before Term 1 ended, our teacher showed us this cool activity called a book review. We had to read 1 book, or if it's very long then 5 chapters. After that we had to write the details of the book like the author, title, who reviewed it, and your rating out of 5 stars. Then finally you get to actually writing the review. First you write about what happens in the book and what you found interesting. Next you write about the main characters and which one was your favorite. After that you write if you liked the book, your favorite part of it and why. At last you have to record who you think this book is suitable for. 

I found this activity quite challenging because you have to think really hard about every single bit of the book and if you remember your reaction of it. Other than that it was a very fun activity,

Keep blogging and feel free to add any comments.

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