Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Mana Performance

Namaste blogging world!, 

Today we had an extremely talented dancer at our school, Bernard Mangakahia, and he gave us a Mana Performance. Mana can mean many different other things, but it can mean when you are strong inside, which gives you more power. 

One of his performances was when he used 7 hula hoops to make animals shapes, as he was spinning around and around. It was so fascinating! He did a lot of other performances too and they were absolutely mind bending and jaw - dropping. 

Every single time he did one of his dances, he looked like he had a lot of courage in him even though he was dripping with sweat. He never stopped and continued to perform as good as it could ever get - and at the end everybody in the room including him were proud. 

He even shared some information about his kids and parents, and some details about what's happening and how they're doing. 

Here is a photo of him: