Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My Learning Conference

 Kia Ora bloggers,

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are our conference meetings. We are going to talk to our parents about how well we are doing in school and our next steps in reading, writing and maths. Here is the link to my conference slides. If you are lucky enough and explain your slides clearly and add more info that isn't in the slides, Miss Fortes had 3 yoyo's and she would give one of them to you.
If you would like to see a screencastify on how to embed a document to your blog, click here.

Thank you


  1. Hi Gargee,

    Thank you for sharing your conference slides. I really enjoyed reading about the challenges you have in each curriculum area because I also find it challenging to read the exact time on clocks without the minute markers. Do you have to share these slides during your learning conversation?

    From Miss Fortes

    1. Hello Miss Fortes,
      You are always welcome to see all of my learning and check out what I have been doing lately. When I try and read the clock without the markers, I guess where the minute hand could be. Yes, I have to share it to my parent(s), and other brothers.
      Thank you so much Miss Fortes

  2. Hi Gargee,
    I really like your work and it looks amazing.It made my head shaken and I feel really jealous but I still like your work and I wish that I can be just like you.Even I wish to be smart like you but you know anything.I really like your work.

    From Ina