Thursday, 2 August 2018

Homework Writing Task

Kia Ora bloggers,

Today I am going to share a piece of writing, which is part of my homework. It is inspired by a book that we have been reading during class time.

The fire and ashes burned around me, my legs barely able to withstand my weight. I escaped the attack just in time, but I lost my three best mates- the ones who cared for me, loved me, prayed for me, helped and supported me. They were my second family. The immense heat blasted me with powerful, toxic fumes, as the blazingly hot flames climbed for the sky. It made its way up the colossal trees, looking like a second sun. I had lost the people dearest to me, but my only comfort was Lina the blue whale teddy. I clutched her against my chest. The long, sea-blue tail, ceased to exist anymore, and her once vibrant eyes, were now two holes. Even though I was trapped in a forest, which I knew very well, I was paralyzed in total shock. My face was emotionless, and I felt numb, from head to toe. The sky became fainter and fainter, and a big thump smacked the back of my head.

The next time I observed the environment around me, the stars barely met my squinting eyes, as the deadly fire inched closer to my shoulder. I jumped, with Lina still tightly attached to me. Her burnt stuffing spilled all over the earth. I heard her in my imagination, whispering "It's ok. You will get out of this place in time for Christmas." I forced my lips into a strained smile, not realizing that she and I weren't alone. "Hello dear darling... come follow me" said a strangely familiar, deep, dark voice behind me. My heart pounded out of my chest, and I started swimming in sweat. I pushed my neck slowly towards the voice, but before I got a proper glimpse, my hand shot forwards into the cold, damp hands of the unknown figure. Screaming filled the freezing silence, as my shoulder shook slightly. I shuffled my shoulder, attempting to let myself free. The tapping still continued. It got more and more aggressive, until I suddenly heard the same familiar, deep voice. "Gargee, wake up! You're still asleep! C'mon, you're already late for school. I hope it's not another one of your nightmares again..." My eyes quickly opened, and I leaped out of bed, ready to go to school.

I hope you enjoy reading my piece of writing. This is fictional and the main idea comes from a book we've been reading. Feel free to write a comment and give me feedback.

Blog ya' later!


  1. Kia orana Gargee. Wow, a beautifully crafted piece of writing. A part that resonates with me is when she held her blue whale teddy close to her chest. This reminds me about my favourite cuddly toy that I grew up with - a little pink puppy.

    I think the first paragraph would serve well as a part of a visualising task. Do you mind if I share this piece of writing with my class so they can visualise the main character and setting?

    Miss Fortes

    1. Hi Miss Fortes,
      It's great to see your comment on my blog. We miss you a lot! It would be fantastic if you share my writing to your class as an activity. I hope to see you again!